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"I used... to be a really introverted person.  After taking Wake the Talk UP!'s Intensive Online Course, I’m more confident.

It's easier to communicate my needs and to be vulnerable in conversations and to be more honest. I’ve been more present and a better listener."

- M.K. Community Organizer

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Frustrated by not feeling seen or heard?

Trying and failing to understand others?

We've been there - We get it - And we can help.

From the learning labs of our own lives and decades of service in personal development, business leadership, life & executive coaching and the healing arts.

We've been on a quest for 

clear, impactful, connected communication

for our entire lives

The Intensive Online Course

teaches everything we know

using our own tools




In the
Intensive Online Course
you will learn...
  • More effective listening
  • To speak with compassion and trust
  • Boundaries skills
  • Greater patience and presence
  • To both meet your needs with and without others
  • An expansive relationship with truth
  • How being vulnerable can be safe, courageous, effective and fun
  • 15 two-hour Live Course Sessions

  • 2 Private 1x1 Sessions

  • 25+ 3-5 minute review videos

  • Partner Work

  • Hot Seat Coaching

  • Curated and supportive community

Course Structure

 "Lauren and Allison deliver [their proprietary] modality in a deceptively simple way..."


Ready to sign up for our upcoming cohort?

Have communication classes not

worked for you in the past?

Have you been UNINSPIRED?

WTTU's class creates lasting change.... while having fun and being real.

Climate Protest

Big change from small shifts

We focus on the 
internal experience of communication to create profound, empowering, and lasting shift.

We understand and address all dimensions of communication. Learning and integration isn't just cognitive, it is also somatic, creative, emotional and acknowledges values and beliefs.

We are leveling up the communication game... together!

We incorporate the tried and true, as well as our own teaching models.  We love NVC, IFS, neural patterning, and mindfulness.


We put the FUN back into executive leadership fundamentals!

Our online community is an inspiring place to integrate and solidify your new communication habits.

Wooden Stairs
Group Hug

Encouraging your humanity starts with our teaching style

We are your allies in the journey, growing and evolving right beside you. We even bring our own experiences to the table when helpful, modeling vulnerability and ownership.


Our teaching is tailored to you as you grow and bring new experiences into the course. We create living, breathing content that's always relevant to you.

The Intensive Online Course


Waking UP! to Our Internal Experience
Learning what to say and how to say begins with how we feel and what we need. Finding the right words begins with your experience.

Waking UP! Our Discernment
Expanding our vocabulary isn't just for standardized tests...! More word choice
enables clarity, forward movement, and agency

50 Shades of Waking UP!
Embracing "truth" as personal, fluid, contextual, and infinite broadens our capacity for connection with self and creative problem solving.

Waking UP! to Each Other
Role play role play on the speaking and listening roles and how to cultivate
sincere vulnerability and empathy

Waking UP! to Ourselves
We decode our internal dialogue to hear, and create more nimbleness among the many voices (verbal and not!) in our own consciousness

Waking UP! Our Asking
Is making or receiving an ask hard for you? You're not alone! We unpack why that is and explore the multitude of options, structures, and nuances an ask can take.

Wake it All UP!
We cap it off with Collaborative Negotiation, up-leveling your capacity for compassion without being overwhelmed with empathic experience, and more Jedi skills.

"Taking the WTTU course and working 1:1 with Lauren and Allison launched me into an even bigger journey of Waking UP!, with (them) as sage guides that offer wisdom and support along the way."
- J.S. Technology Lead

are you ready to make COMMUNICATION
Your Greatest Asset?

Sign Ups
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Cohort #7


scholarships available

contact us below

15 Weeks

Fridays, 5-7 pm PST

Starts December 1st, 2023

Two hour, weekly, live,

online sessions

Image by Courtnie Tosana

Cohort #8


scholarships available

contact us below with interest

15 Weeks

May 2024

Day and time TBD

Two hour, weekly, live,

online sessions

Holding Hands Up High

Private Groups

Starting at $988/person

Intensive Online Course & Community Experience

22 Session Hours delivered in

3 Days - 6 Months

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