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“[I learned] that I need to look at old stories, old information, old expectations, and being open to new solutions to get me to where I want to be."

C.A., State Senator

JOURNEY IN 2017...


Communication is more than the words we speak - it’s how we understand ourselves, and others. It’s what brings our internal experience into an outward reality. It allows us to achieve safety, pursue our dreams, and feel alive. 


Communication is the stuff of life. 


Co-Created by Lauren Pappas (LNP Consults) and Allison Ayer (The You Lab), Wake the Talk UP! was birthed from the learning laboratories of our lives, fueled by the universal human need to be understood and to understand others.

We are obsessed with learning, obtaining, and cultivating the best communication tools, and marrying them up with our unique backgrounds, for a uniquely holistic approach. 

Collaborative learning

Who are we as individuals and what do we do?


Allison Ayer, created The You Lab, a place to bring your whole self for a transformational upgrade, via integrated psychodynamic, environmental and physical work. 

Lauren Pappas, founder of LNP Consults, is a bridge between personal development, human consciousness, and the businesses or organizations that serve with purpose.

Two Flamingos


Co-created Growth

Teacher, facilitator, coach, guide, mentor,

ally in the Journey:


Allison Ayer, a life-long academic, artist, seeker and motivator, is here to provide a path and the tools to strike out on your own journey to live in more alignment, integrity harmony, purpose and impact.  Be more YOU, more of the time!

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