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“I feel pretty humbled by this experience…. I came into the space with a sense of ‘I’ve already got some of this’. It was really relieving to my system to see how much room there is to grow - thanks to the quality of the space that (Allison and Lauren) create and hold.” 

- S.C. Licensed Therapist





May 6th - July 29th, LIVE on Fridays 3:00pm PST

to learn how your communication can become clear, impactful and connected


Clear: helps us understand each other

Impactful: meets needs with trust and collaboration

Connected: Increases intimacy with ourselves and others

“Recognizing how much of my thoughts are stories... influences how I interact with the world...  I don’t feel as hijacked by my mind... that’s been life changing.”

-N. A. Tonal Trainer, Wellness & Strength Coach

What makes us so effective?

We understand communication is more than a cognitive process. It involves emotion, our physical bodies, values and beliefs, the Self and Parts. Informed by Lauren & Allison’s complimentary perspectives, our proprietary, multi-dimensional approach is informed by: 


  • Nonviolent Communication 

  • Internal Family Systems

  • Somatic Experiencing

  • Leadership Fundamentals

  • Traditional Consciousness Wisdom

  • Expressive Arts

  • Mindfulness Embodiment Practices

  • Neural Patterning


The result? A learning experience that’s fun, enduring, and ripples into all aspects of your life and organization. 

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